Thu 05 March 2015

[Adacore] Improve support of rotation of modular types

The Spark toolset now deals better with rotation of modular types of non constant amount.

Tue 03 March 2015

[Pilot Systems] Quel Cloud choisir : public, privé, hybride ? Combien ça coûte ? - Part 1

Le plan Cloud Computing lancé par le gouvernement est un bon signal aux entreprises françaises de l?opportunité d?embarquer sur le Cloud en 2015. Voici un guide pour les aider à choisir le type de Cloud et les investissements à prévoir.

Mon 02 March 2015

[Adacore] GPS: control jump to first message in plugins

Python plugins can use new parameter of GPS.Message's class constructor to control automatic jump to first message in category.

[Adacore] GPS: source navigation in CodePeer-only mode

When GPS is used with CodePeer only (no GNAT installed), the build mode is automatically changed to properly load the cross-references information.

Sat 28 February 2015

[Adacore] New pragma Ignore_Pragma

A new pragma Ignore_Pragma is implemented. This is a configuration pragma that takes a single argument that is a simple identifier. Any subsequent use of a pragma whose pragma identifier matches this argument will be silently ignored. This may be useful when legacy code or code intended for compilation with some other compiler contains pragmas that match the name, but not the exact implementation, of a GNAT pragma. The use of this pragma allows such pragmas to be ignored, which may be useful in CodePeer mode, or during porting of legacy code.

[Adacore] Add support for WSDL/SOAP type’s constraints

The tools ada2wsdl and wsdl2aws handle now the type constraints. That is, ada2wsdl will check for range attribute, mod for modular types and array index to generate the corresponding constraints in the WSDL using the simpleType Length, minInclusive and maxInclusive attributes. Those attributes (plus the minExclusive and maxExclusive ones) are now used by wsdl2aws to generate Ada type constraints. Now a constrained string is generated instead of an Unbounded_String for a simpleType with a Length attribute whose base type is xsd:string. The simpleType Pattern attribute is now taken into account and a Dynamic_Predicate aspect is generated. For varying length string with attribute minLength and/or maxLength a Dynamic_Predicate aspect is also generated. Those now constraints will ensure that SOAP objects sent/received are not violating the constraints expressed into the WSDL making the new implementation safer.

Fri 27 February 2015

[Adacore] Attribute Deref dereferences address expression

A new attribute typ'Deref(expr) where expr is of type System.Address yields the variable of type typ that is located at the given address. It is similar to (totyp (expr).all), where totyp is an unchecked conversion from address to a named access-to-typ type, except that it yields a variable, so it can be used on the left side of an assignment. Note that this new attribute is not available for the .NET port).

[Adacore] Optional Refined_Global/Depends aspects

Users no longer have to provide a Refined_Global/Depends aspect when their Global/Depends mentions a state with visible refinement. Flow analysis now synthesizes and uses these aspects internally.

Thu 26 February 2015

[Adacore] Convention pragma on generic formal access types

The compiler now accepts a pragma Convention on a generic formal access to subprogram type, and verifies that an actual for such a formal obeys the same convention.

Tue 24 February 2015

[Pilot Systems] Le clou du Cloud

Quels sont les trois points décisifs pour aller dans le Cloud et quelles sont les retombées possibles ? Voici une analyse pour les dirigeants d?entreprise, qui se veut aussi pragmatique que révolutionnaire, loin des discours technophiles.

[Adacore] Certification Together

Feb 24-26, 2015 – Toulouse, France

AdaCore is exhibiting at this event.

[Adacore] Embedded World

Feb 24-26, 2015 – Nürnberg, Germany

AdaCore is exhibiting at this event in Hall 4 Stand 149.