Mon 30 March 2015

[Adacore] Public Ada Training 2015

Mar 30 - Apr 3, 2015 – Paris, France

AdaCore is hosting this training course.

Sun 29 March 2015

[Adacore] Out of tree build

gprbuild can now build a project file out of a the source tree. That is, all artefacts (object, executable, ALI files) are relocated to the directory where gprbuild is launched when using the new --in-place option. The --in-place option is also available with gprinstall and gprclean to install artifacts or delete them from the out-of-tree build directory.

Fri 27 March 2015

[Adacore] Improved optimization of 2**K

The compiler now optimizes 2**K into a quick shift instruction in more cases including handling binary modular types and signed integer types for the case where overflow checking is enabled. The latter is significant given the new default in the compiler which has overflow checking on by default. The new circuit avoids taking a significant penalty for 2**K with overflow enabled.

Thu 26 March 2015

[Adacore] Bodies of non-Ghost packages with Ghost constructs

Ghost constructs that require a completion in a package body now always require the completion regardless of whether the enclosing package is a Ghost construct or not.

Tue 24 March 2015

[Adacore] Scandinavian Conference System and Software Safety

Mar 24-25, 2015 – Stockholm

Quentin Ochem will present the paper "Reducing the cost of Defensive Code – the Ada 2012 approach".

[Adacore] Use of constants in contracts

Constants with variable input can now appear in the following annotations: Global, Depends, Initializes, Part_Of, Refined_Global, Refined_Depends and Refined_State.

[Adacore] GPS: reads include statements

Makefile targets found in included makefiles are now listed in the /Build/Makefile menu.

Mon 23 March 2015

[Pilot Systems] Automatisation, essentielle ou optionnelle pour le Cloud ? Mythes et réalités

Avec la première conférence dédiée à l?automatisation le 19 mars 2015 à Paris [1], affichant complet, faisons un état des lieux. L?automatisation est essentielle pour la flexibilité mais beaucoup de fournisseurs Cloud font pour l?instant l?impasse. L?analyse montrera les préjugés et le retour d?expériences.

[Pilot Systems] Le salon Intranet 2.0 et Réseaux Sociaux d'Entreprises c'est demain !

Venez nombreux nous visiter Porte de Versailles les 24 (à partir de 14H), 25 et 26 mars prochains pour la 10ème édition de ce salon incontournable.

Sat 21 March 2015

[Adacore] New pragma/aspect Volatile_Full_Access

A new pragma (and equivalent aspect) Volatile_Full_Access is implemented. This is similar to Volatile except that there is a guarantee that every read and write access to an object with this aspect will always use a single instruction which reads or writes all the bits of the object. This includes the case of referencing a component of the object. Note that this differs from Atomic in that there is no such guarantee for Atomic (the compiler can for instance read part of the object). It is not allowed to use Atomic and Volatile_Full_Access for the entity.

Fri 20 March 2015

[Adacore] Add support for encrypted server key file

It is now possible to use a encrypted key file with AWS. In this case, a pass-phrase is required in order to start HTTPS sessions. This pass-phrase can be handed over to the server using Set_Password_Callback in AWS.Net.SSL.Certificate.

Tue 17 March 2015

[Adacore] GPS: initial dir for the “Change Directory” dialog

Under Linux/UNIX/Mac OS, the "Change directory" dialog now opens on the current directory, matching the behavior already present on Windows.