Tue 21 October 2014

[Adacore] ACM SIGAda’s HILT 2014

Oct 21-24, 2014 – Portland, OR, USA

AdaCore is a Platinum sponsor/exhibitor, and Tucker Taft is Program Chair.

Mon 20 October 2014

[Adacore] New implementation of Ghost entities

The SPARK toolset now implements the new semantic and legality rules of Ghost entities. This feature now encompases states, objects, subprograms, packages and types. As a result, convention Ghost has been replaced with aspect Ghost.

[Adacore] Raise, no-return and statically-false assertions

Flow analysis now ignores all statements that inevitably lead to a raise statement, a statically-false assertion or a non-returning procedure. Additionally, all statements that follow a raise statement, a statically-false assertion or a non-returning procedure that are not otherwise reachable from the start of the subprogram are also ignored.

Fri 17 October 2014

[Adacore] Support for Runtime & Target attributes in projects

These two new attributes are now supported by GPS and should replace the use of the IDE'Gnatlist attribute to specify the same information.

Wed 15 October 2014

[Adacore] GPRslave control of simultaneous responses

A new option has been added to GPRslave to control the number of simultaneous responses (sending back object code and ALI files) supported. This was hard coded to 2, it is now possible to set this value between 1 and the maximum number of simultaneous compilations.

Tue 14 October 2014

[Adacore] IET System Safety and Cyber Security

Oct 14-16, 2014 – Manchester, UK

AdaCore is a sponsor of this event and will be exhibiting.

[Adacore] Replay facility always reissue warnings

When a unit or the units on which it depends have not changed, GNATprove detects it and avoids re-analyzing the unit. This caused some warnings to be issued only the first time a unit was analyzed. Now, a new replay facility is used in GNATprove to always reissue warning and check messages when a unit is considered, even when it does not require re-analysis.

Mon 13 October 2014

[Adacore] New function Non_Blocking_Spawn

A new function Non_Blocking_Spawn is added to GNAT.OS_Lib. This function redirects standard error and standard output to two different files.

[Adacore] New gprbuild option—complete-output

A new option --complete-output is added to gprbuild, allowed only on the command line and incompatible with option --distributed=. When this option is used, the standard output and standard error of the compiler are redirected to text files. When these files exist for a source that is up to date, their content is output to stdout and stderr.

[Adacore] Project path depends on compilers

For tools gprbuild, gprclean and gprinstall, the project path depends on the compilers, not the prefix of the tool. For each compiler driver in a "bin" subdirectory, the compiler root is the parent directory of this "bin" subdirectory and the directories in the project path are, in order:

[Adacore] Runtime specific directories in the project path

For each non default runtime, there are now two more directories in the project path: <runtime_root>/lib/gnat and <runtime_root>/share/gpr, where <runtime_root> is either:
  - <runtime> ifthe runtime is explicitly specified as an absolute path
  - <compiler_root>/<target>/<runtime> if the runtime is not explicitly
    specified as an absolute path

[Adacore] Extend fast-path CDR marshalling to nested arrays

The fast-path CDR marsahlling circuitry, allowing efficient marshalling of common aggregates such as arrays of bytes or integers, has been extended to the case of nested arrays.